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A drifter with a history as aThe way to the dream gang member and a drug dealer, Mr. Williams once boasted in a television interview of having sex with 200 to 300 women, from New York City and Rochester to a swath of towns in western New York — Jamestown, Dunkirk, Silver Creek, Randolph, Kennedy and Panama I lover chineseVillage — as well as in Charlottesville, Va., and in North Carolina. In Chautauqua County, south of Buffalo, an investigation by the health commissioner found Mr. Williams to be the common denominator in the rapid spread of the disease. The way to the dream
Health officials say Mr. Williams was informed of his H.I.V. status in 1996, but three years later, in a television interview from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y., he expressed denial about his H.I.V. status, saying “friendsinmyheartI still don’t even know if I got it now,” adding of the women he slept with, “yeah, I gave them a death sentence, but it wasn’t knowingly.” software life
He pleaded guilty to charges of statutory rape and two counts of reckless endangerment for knowingly infecting two girls with the AIDS virus.
He is being held under civil confinement legislation that was signed in March 2007, an early victory in the brief administration of Eliot Spitzer. His predecessor, George E. Pataki, could not forge agreement on the issue with Assembly Democrats, and began using the state’s existing mental health laws to detain sex offenders in psychiatric hospitals nonetheless, a practice that the Court of Appeals struck down in late 2006.
In the first three years of the new law, the state has filed 377 petitions to continue to supervise or confine inmates after the end of their criminal sentences. Many of the cases are still pending. Of the 111 civil management trials that have been held, only 15 inmates have been found not to have a mental abnormality that required supervision or confinement. Another 133 inmates have struck agreements with the state, either consenting to be confined in mental health facilities or placed under strict supervision

Man Who Spread H.I.V. May Be Held

ALBANY — Attorney General Andrew express our point of viewM. Cuomo’s office is moving to block the release of Nushawn J. Williams, the Brooklyn man who was believed to have knowingly infected a number of young women and girls in upstate New York with H.I.V. in a highly publicized case more than a decade Make New Friendsago. Mr. Williams, 33, was due to be released on Tuesday after serving his maximum sentence of 12 years, but Mr. Cuomo’s office is seeking to keep him in custody under a three-year-old state law that permits the civil confinement of sex offenders. Last Friday, a state judge in Buffalo, near where Mr. Williams has been jailed, ordered that he remain in custody pending the outcome of a civil confinement proceeding. something will happen
A long-term resolution to Mr. Williams’s around the woundstatus is likely to be determined at a civil jury trial, which will decide whether he suffers from a mental abnormality that requires confinement at a psychiatric facilitybe nice or release under intensive supervision. He could also forgo a trial by entering into an agreement with the state, similar to a plea agreement in a criminal case. “Under law, he remains confined as the court process moves forward,” said John Milgrim, a spokesman for Mr. Cuomo. State officials said on Tuesday that the court has not yet appointed a lawyer for Mr. Williams in the civil proceedings. Mr. Williams’s case received nationwide attention after it first became public in 1997, leading to debate about his culpability in spreading a potentially fatal sexually transmitted disease. It also led to the passage of a law requiring doctors and laboratories to report to the state the names of people who test positive for H.I.V. The information is passed on to local health officials, who interview those infected and ask them to name their partners and to warn them.

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Shanghai Is Trying to Untangle the Mangled English of Chinglish

For English speakers with subpar Chinese skills, daily life in China offers a confounding array of choices. At banks, there are machines for “cash withdrawing” and “cash recycling.” The menus of local restaurants might present such delectables as “fried enema,” “monolithic tree mushroom stem squid” and a mysterious thirst-quencher known as “The Jew’s Ear Juice.”
MultimediaSlide Show
A Sampling of Chinglish
Those who have had a bit too much monolithic tree mushroom stem squid could find themselves requiring roomier attire: extra-large sizes sometimes come in “fatso” or “lard bucket” categories. These and other fashions can be had at the clothing chain known as Scat.
Go ahead and snicker, although by last Saturday’s opening of the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, drawing more than 70 million visitors over its six-month run, these and other uniquely Chinese maladaptations of the English language were supposed to have been largely excised.
Well, that at least is what the Shanghai Commission for the Management of Language Use has been trying to accomplish during the past two years.
Fortified by an army of 600 volunteers and a politburo of adroit English speakers, the commission has fixed more than 10,000 public signs (farewell “Teliot” and “urine district”), rewritten English-language historical placards and helped hundreds of restaurants recast offerings.
The campaign is partly modeled on Beijing’s herculean effort to clean up English signage for the 2008 Summer Olympics, which led to the replacement of 400,000 street signs, 1,300 restaurant menus and such exemplars of impropriety as the Dongda Anus Hospital — now known as the Dongda Proctology Hospital. Gone, too, is Racist Park, a cultural attraction that has since been rechristened Minorities Park.
“The purpose of signage is to be useful, not to be amusing,” said Zhao Huimin, the former Chinese ambassador to the United States who, as director general of the capital’s Foreign Affairs Office, has been leading the fight for linguistic standardization and sobriety.
But while the war on mangled English may be considered a signature achievement of government officials, aficionados of what is known as Chinglish are wringing their hands in despair.
Oliver Lutz Radtke, a former German radio reporter who may well be the world’s foremost authority on Chinglish, said he believed that China should embrace the fanciful melding of English and Chinese as the hallmark of a dynamic, living language. As he sees it, Chinglish is an endangered species that deserves preservation.
“If you standardize all these signs, you not only take away the little giggle you get while strolling in the park but you lose a window into the Chinese mind,” said Mr. Radtke, who is the author of a pair of picture books that feature giggle-worthy Chinglish signs in their natural habitat.
Lest anyone think it is all about laughs, Mr. Radtke is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Chinglish at the University of Heidelberg.
Still, the enemies of Chinglish say the laughter it elicits is humiliating. Wang Xiaoming, an English scholar at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, painfully recalls the guffaws that erupted among her foreign-born colleagues as they flipped through a photographic collection of poorly written signs. “They didn’t mean to insult me but I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable,” said Ms. Wang, who has since become one of Beijing’s leading Chinglish slayers.
Those who study the roots of Chinglish say many examples can be traced to laziness and a flawed but wildly popular translation software. Victor H. Mair, a professor of Chinese at the University of Pennsylvania, said the computerized dictionary, Jingshan Ciba, had led to sexually oriented vulgarities identifying dried produce in Chinese supermarkets and the regrettable “fried enema” menu selection that should have been rendered as “fried sausage.”
Although improved translation software and a growing zeal for grammatically unassailable English has slowed the output of new Chinglishisms, Mr. Mair said he still received about five new examples a day from people who knew he was good at deciphering what went wrong. “If someone would pay me to do it, I’d spend my life studying these things,” he said. renaissance2010
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Funeral home accused of stacking bodies in a garage

- A Maryland funeral home has lost its license after investigators found about 40 bodies stacked on top of each other, leaking fluid, in a garage, a state official said.
The state Board of Morticians and Funeral Directors revoked the license of Chambers Funeral Home & Crematorium in Riverdale, Maryland after an April 26 visit to the site.
Hari Close, president of the the state funeral board, told CNN Tuesday that some of the bodies were cadavers who had been donated to a local university for research. Other bodies came from other funeral homes, Close said.
The bodies were supposed to be cremated, but investigators were alarmed at how they were stored in the garage while they awaited cremation.
"Even somebody who donates their body to science, they still should be treated with dignity," said Close. "Not to mention the health and safety issues with the body fluids flowing out."
William Chambers, co-owner of the funeral home, told CNN-affiliate WJLA said that he hopes to work with the state to resolve the alleged violations.
When investigators inspected the funeral home they were warned by an employee, who told them, "Don't get upset about all the bodies in there," according to documents released by the state funeral board.
Inside the room was a "large pile, approximately 12 by 12 feet, of body bags containing human remains strewn on the floor of the garage in front of a removal van. There was visible leakage from the body bags as well as a pungent odor," the documents said.
"The investigator also observed writing on some of the body bags," they said. "However, fluid leakage from the body bags caused the writing to smear and become illegible. As a result, it was not immediately possible to determine the identity of the remains."
There will be a hearing at the end of the month to determine whether the funeral home will get its license back, Close said. cherish

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