Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wireless local area network

Wireless local area network (WLAN) is the combination of computer network and wireless communication technology, which has been widely used at present. Because of the limitation of AP's power in WLAN lead to a restriction of the service coverage area, the mobile station (STA) need fast handover when crossing the zone from the current coverage cell to another cell. The problem about cross-zone handover is the key issue of the current application technology in WLAN, which not only is related to the reliability and security of network processing, but the continuous quality of voice and video's real-time multimedia application. It should be pointed out that handovers first have to occur on the MAC layer, on the other hand, most of the handovers are just on the MAC layer. Therefore, there are important theoretical significance and practical value for the research on the cross-zone handoff technology based on the MAC layer.Based on the relevant literatures at home and abroad, in this dissert...更多ation the work are finished as follows:1. The status of current researches in terms of domestic and foreign handover technology based on the MAC layer in WLAN are analyzed and summarized.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Practical work

Proficient in Office applications: Microsoft Word, Cheap Nike shoes, Microsoft PowerPoint.Some basic knowledge in Visual Fox Programming. I'm interested in reading, singing, cheap men's nike shoes, playing ping pong. And my personalites are easy-going, hardworking, careful, and team-oriented.

This company is a joint venture company by Thales ( a french company which is one of the world top 500 enterpreneur) and Panda (a Chinese state-owned enterprise). It mainly deals with cheap womens nike shoes system in metro transportation systems. It has projects in many cities both in abroad and at home, for example, Beijing, Shenzhen, etc. and in Switherland, Malaysia, etc. Responsible for office equipment arrangement and distribution;Reserve the hotel and airline ticket for manager and other colleagues;Translate bid document, contract, e-mail and some other documents;Help the bid department to make the bid documents when necessary;Assist the HR to handle the issue of new enrolled colleagues and other affairs of colleagues in company.
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Club On Bund

In August 2008, i served as Marketing Communications cheap nike shoes. Internally: To assist the activities and leasing department for information updating and press cheap Wholesale nike shoes, writing press releases to keep the site up to date, finishing all the messaging data prepared files. External: Contacting and receiving the media, handling media relations, handling tenant relations, maintaining timely and effective communication with Buy cheap nike shoes.

n September,2007 ,I joined in the Cruise Department of the company as an account manager. on February I was transferred to Administration Department for assistance and mainly in charge of the communication with the exterior Company and Yacht ,Cruise, Shanghai Orgnization.

Purple Mountain Chemical

A bachelor graduated from Sun-Yat-Sen university, major in public Lacoste Polo Shirts,with good communication and Cheap Lacoste Polo Shirts skills,have responsibility and active Lacoste Shirts.
The new company is responsible for the establishment of matters: the completion of company registration and business tax changes; assist in the management of the company sales department to develop rules and regulations, financial systems, personnel performance management system, goods logistics flow system, the warehouse storage system, and so on. Experience of the new company to establish and perfect the process, broaden the company's management vision.
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Friday, March 5, 2010


As a Project Delivery Manager, responsible for delivering high quality service to our Cheap Nike shoes. Keep focusing on customer needs, liaise with customer and manage the relationship with our cheap men's nike shoes, keep digging for new business opportunity. Design and generate Project KPI report monthly, review and discuss the KPI with customer regularly. Looking for the possibility to improve the support process and model base on current KPI data analysis. Make the monthly billing report for the project; Do the User Satisfaction Survey regularly, generate the survey report and do the analysis, to know what users are thinking about our service, improve our support process and structure to meet user's cheap womens nike shoes in a reasonable manner. Keep improving the service management process, Ensure the project follows ITIL processes, meets SLA target. Review all KPI reports in a period of time regularly, Analyze the report and existent problem, identify the root cause and find out the solution, keep improving the service quality and project operational process.And also I am the Helpdesk team leader, manage all the helpdesk projects support, and all the helpdesk agents. Keep focusing on improving the support model and structure. Generate the report regularly, find out existing problem and analyze the root cause and solve it. Arrange the job plan and schedule, and the training to every agent, review their job performance regularly, keep improving everyone's capacity, coach agents and help them grow up faster. Optimize the support structure of every project, ensure all of them have the best arrangement, so that improve the support efficiency and service quality. Analyze every project's KPI report regularly, find out the existing problem and root cause, try to solve it through the improvement on support process and structure and better personnel arrangement.