Monday, January 30, 2012

in the Asian Games torch relay in volunteer activities

At school, I study the first place, won two third-class scholarship, through the CET, to obtain the qualification certificates and computer level certificates. At the same time as a member of the class group of the style, organization members, which cultivate my organizational skills and communication kills.
In social practice, in the Asian Games torch relay in volunteer activities, I learned teamwork.
In the internship I learned a lot of skills, especially in complex matters of work, how to complete the outstanding tasks.1, with good professionalism, overall quality is higher. Honest man of integrity, work full of the spirit of service, friends, colleagues and customers are very good reputation;
2, with a strong work skills, practical work hard, self-discipline. In any company, my employees are an excellent company, my colleagues are so Ralph Lauren Italy impressed colleagues;3, familiar with the security industry, the project of weak grasp more comprehensive knowledge of the subsystem;4, with the market development and sales team management experience, with market and customer development and management, team formation and management. Of marketing and sales, customer development and maintenance, sales team management have their own ideas and opinions;
5, emphasis on "execution", focusing on "details", concerned about "results" are also concerned about the "process." Respect of performance management, process control, competition and wolf culture.I am a science students, graduate as a PII (within the measurement accuracy of the global number one pipe pipeline inspection company) on-site English interpreter. World-class technology and outstanding PII field Polo Ralph Lauren engineers, these excellent environment in which I grew up quickly, half the work, and I think more than 4 years of college more than income.
Work 2 years later, when I was 25 years old, created their own cultural exchange company. After three years of tough training, I have now grown into a mature talent. Failing to be very cool to think about, and development trends of the global deep foresight and insight, like the independent research and thinking, problem-solving, but also well into the leadership or team to complete the difficult task.Were lively, cheerful, optimistic, resilient, diligent, conscientious, serious and responsible, persistence, hard-working, the courage to meet new challenges, there is a strong team spirit, have good interpersonal skills

large retail grocery purchases

I am the biggest advantages is the strong self-learning ability, intellectual curiosity, and love the work of professional, willing to accept new things and challenges. Have a good sense of team spirit and collaboration, and hard work, enthusiasm can be hard. I have more than a year of iron and steel industry electrical transmission equipment maintenance and debugging automation experience.Outstanding academic performance in school; cheerful, with good communication and coordination skills; work conscientiously careful, patient, good at teamwork; actively participate in school organizations;
6 years of experience in foreign trade business and procurement.
Familiar with foreign chains of supermarkets and large retail grocery purchases, maintain good relations with suppliers.Good character, optimistic, cheerful, hard-working, humble, studious, love and dedication.
Have good communication skills, team spirit. Love travel and writing, can travel and exhibiting.
Professional skills and expertiseFamiliar with large foreign retailers, supermarket chains (Wal-mart, Tesco, Carrfour ...) Wedding Planning cleverjoe procurement and trade processes.
Familiar with automotive accessories, hardware tools, small appliances, pet and gardening supplies groceries, to maintain good relations with suppliers.
Alibaba, Global Sources, e-commerce network operating experience.
Proficient use of the Imagination, Own Personalized Wedding Card Sigma and other foreign software, familiar with the ETS system operating procedures1 year and a half good exports and new customer development experience, familiar with entire foreign trade operational processes, the ability to independently develop the market.(2) have strong communication, organization and coordination, execution and teamwork
3 ability to learn and adaptable, http://www.alldeaf.commotivated to learn, like to accept challenging work
4 compression capability, able to achieve the stated objectives extreme pressure environment
5 on active work, responsibility, goal-oriented tasks to a job well done
6 good thinking, good at summing up and innovative, have strong logical thinking ability and adaptability7 practical in careful, patient, and co-workers get along
8 there is a certain sense of recognition and belonging, is willing to grow with the company's common struggle

Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 years' working experience in trading area

Accomplished in an extensive range of HR projects and possessing excellent leadership and management competences as a role model leader. A proactive and passionate strategic player capable of turning strategy into reality and achieving excellent results both alone and in a cross-function.3 years' working experience in trading area,cheap nike shoes completing translating mechanical drawings and European standards. cheap wedding gownsI find great interest in translating, and want to see if i can use what i've learned into what i'm going to do. chi flat iron3 years' working experience in trading area,chi hair straightener completing translating mechanical drawings and European standards. I find great interest in translating, and want to see if i can use nike shoeswhat i've learned into what i'm going to do. school of writers

Technology consultant

-good at administrating office affairs /scheduling leader's arrangement
-have Good communication and time management skills
-can work under pressure
-self-motivated,Strong analytical skills,cheap wedding dresses detail oriented with demonstrated multi-tasking ability.beach wedding dresses
-Fast learner &Excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills
-Good command of both spoken and written English&Mandarin
-Proficient in Microsoft office tools casual wedding dressesOver 12 years multidisciplinary research experiences of both fundamental (Physics; Chemistry; Materials) and industrial sectors (Power product; Renewables; Semiconductor; Water/Wastewater)
Multidisciplinary self learner;cheap evening dresses Clear thinker; Problem solver; Methodic analyzer; Proactive initiator;
Technical leader; Collaborator; Team player
Optimism, Open-mind, Integrity, and Self-discipline.
Innovative Research & Development
Technology management
Research managementcheap prom dresses
Technology consultant Photographer's career

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A drifter with a history as aThe way to the dream gang member and a drug dealer, Mr. Williams once boasted in a television interview of having sex with 200 to 300 women, from New York City and Rochester to a swath of towns in western New York — Jamestown, Dunkirk, Silver Creek, Randolph, Kennedy and Panama I lover chineseVillage — as well as in Charlottesville, Va., and in North Carolina. In Chautauqua County, south of Buffalo, an investigation by the health commissioner found Mr. Williams to be the common denominator in the rapid spread of the disease. The way to the dream
Health officials say Mr. Williams was informed of his H.I.V. status in 1996, but three years later, in a television interview from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y., he expressed denial about his H.I.V. status, saying “friendsinmyheartI still don’t even know if I got it now,” adding of the women he slept with, “yeah, I gave them a death sentence, but it wasn’t knowingly.” software life
He pleaded guilty to charges of statutory rape and two counts of reckless endangerment for knowingly infecting two girls with the AIDS virus.
He is being held under civil confinement legislation that was signed in March 2007, an early victory in the brief administration of Eliot Spitzer. His predecessor, George E. Pataki, could not forge agreement on the issue with Assembly Democrats, and began using the state’s existing mental health laws to detain sex offenders in psychiatric hospitals nonetheless, a practice that the Court of Appeals struck down in late 2006.
In the first three years of the new law, the state has filed 377 petitions to continue to supervise or confine inmates after the end of their criminal sentences. Many of the cases are still pending. Of the 111 civil management trials that have been held, only 15 inmates have been found not to have a mental abnormality that required supervision or confinement. Another 133 inmates have struck agreements with the state, either consenting to be confined in mental health facilities or placed under strict supervision

Man Who Spread H.I.V. May Be Held

ALBANY — Attorney General Andrew express our point of viewM. Cuomo’s office is moving to block the release of Nushawn J. Williams, the Brooklyn man who was believed to have knowingly infected a number of young women and girls in upstate New York with H.I.V. in a highly publicized case more than a decade Make New Friendsago. Mr. Williams, 33, was due to be released on Tuesday after serving his maximum sentence of 12 years, but Mr. Cuomo’s office is seeking to keep him in custody under a three-year-old state law that permits the civil confinement of sex offenders. Last Friday, a state judge in Buffalo, near where Mr. Williams has been jailed, ordered that he remain in custody pending the outcome of a civil confinement proceeding. something will happen
A long-term resolution to Mr. Williams’s around the woundstatus is likely to be determined at a civil jury trial, which will decide whether he suffers from a mental abnormality that requires confinement at a psychiatric facilitybe nice or release under intensive supervision. He could also forgo a trial by entering into an agreement with the state, similar to a plea agreement in a criminal case. “Under law, he remains confined as the court process moves forward,” said John Milgrim, a spokesman for Mr. Cuomo. State officials said on Tuesday that the court has not yet appointed a lawyer for Mr. Williams in the civil proceedings. Mr. Williams’s case received nationwide attention after it first became public in 1997, leading to debate about his culpability in spreading a potentially fatal sexually transmitted disease. It also led to the passage of a law requiring doctors and laboratories to report to the state the names of people who test positive for H.I.V. The information is passed on to local health officials, who interview those infected and ask them to name their partners and to warn them.

Main responsibilities

1. Demand planning chi hair straightenerchi hair straightener
Validating and consolidating the rolling forecast /demand loaded from each Geos. Adjusting the demand as per the interlock with Geos and the analysis on historical data and commodity attributes.Leveraging and allocating thechi flat ironchi flat iron demand to suppliers. Monitoring vender supply commitment at a desired health DOI(days of inventory) level. Lock-in deal with suppliers. Collaborating with supplierswomen's nike shoes to improve the supply status.
Building the master production plan and purchasing plan basing on the analysis of valid forecast, real order, inventory, material supply status and production capacity. 2. NPI Interlock with R&D, purchasing team on NPI parts. Maintaining the related data in SAP to ensure the NPI parts purchasable and orderable for GA. Tracking and pull in the materials from SVT production. Follow-up the progress of SS(shipping support).women's nike shoes
3. Order fulfillmentLoading commitment to customers orders. Daily follow-up and communication on backlog status. Outbound follow-up. Customer service and response. 4. Supply pipeline managementMonitoring and controlling and improving supplier supply status. Weekly review on supply commitment. Working on pull-in and shipment expedition for critical and shortage parts. Daily commitment to order execution team on shortage report.Heads up on any supply exception to related teams. Working with supplier on demand upside and downside, supply pull-in and push-out.Daily purchasing operation, including PO release, inbound shipment follow-up, stock rename, quality incident, RMA. AP issue, broker buy, referral report shooting, shortage review.5. Inventory management and commodity life-cycle managementLTB, EOL, EOP, E&O, liability handling, EC running, alternative part advocating, broker resell, on-site scrap, inventory balance and stock offloading between sites.
6. Supplier management and team coordinatorSupplier performanc review(QBR), evaluating, controlling and improving. New supplier setting and training. Optimization on process with supplier. Team referral report coordinator, cross-function project coordinator, new-comer coaching.
7. ReportsDaily backlog reportDaily shortage report Daily GR referral reportDaily SA referral reportWeekly invoice referral reportWeekly open GR reportWeekly DOI reportMonthly inventory report Monthly production Achievements:1. Pull-in on critical shipmentIn one q-end, pulled in the shipment of one critical part to catch the outbound deadline by adjusting the U-turn process.2. Supplier delivery process optimization
Leading the shipment optimization project, collaborating with suppliers and 3PLs to optimize the delivery process, advanced the shipment arrival time by 5hrs around.