Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Man Who Spread H.I.V. May Be Held

ALBANY — Attorney General Andrew express our point of viewM. Cuomo’s office is moving to block the release of Nushawn J. Williams, the Brooklyn man who was believed to have knowingly infected a number of young women and girls in upstate New York with H.I.V. in a highly publicized case more than a decade Make New Friendsago. Mr. Williams, 33, was due to be released on Tuesday after serving his maximum sentence of 12 years, but Mr. Cuomo’s office is seeking to keep him in custody under a three-year-old state law that permits the civil confinement of sex offenders. Last Friday, a state judge in Buffalo, near where Mr. Williams has been jailed, ordered that he remain in custody pending the outcome of a civil confinement proceeding. something will happen
A long-term resolution to Mr. Williams’s around the woundstatus is likely to be determined at a civil jury trial, which will decide whether he suffers from a mental abnormality that requires confinement at a psychiatric facilitybe nice or release under intensive supervision. He could also forgo a trial by entering into an agreement with the state, similar to a plea agreement in a criminal case. “Under law, he remains confined as the court process moves forward,” said John Milgrim, a spokesman for Mr. Cuomo. State officials said on Tuesday that the court has not yet appointed a lawyer for Mr. Williams in the civil proceedings. Mr. Williams’s case received nationwide attention after it first became public in 1997, leading to debate about his culpability in spreading a potentially fatal sexually transmitted disease. It also led to the passage of a law requiring doctors and laboratories to report to the state the names of people who test positive for H.I.V. The information is passed on to local health officials, who interview those infected and ask them to name their partners and to warn them.

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