Monday, January 30, 2012

large retail grocery purchases

I am the biggest advantages is the strong self-learning ability, intellectual curiosity, and love the work of professional, willing to accept new things and challenges. Have a good sense of team spirit and collaboration, and hard work, enthusiasm can be hard. I have more than a year of iron and steel industry electrical transmission equipment maintenance and debugging automation experience.Outstanding academic performance in school; cheerful, with good communication and coordination skills; work conscientiously careful, patient, good at teamwork; actively participate in school organizations;
6 years of experience in foreign trade business and procurement.
Familiar with foreign chains of supermarkets and large retail grocery purchases, maintain good relations with suppliers.Good character, optimistic, cheerful, hard-working, humble, studious, love and dedication.
Have good communication skills, team spirit. Love travel and writing, can travel and exhibiting.
Professional skills and expertiseFamiliar with large foreign retailers, supermarket chains (Wal-mart, Tesco, Carrfour ...) Wedding Planning cleverjoe procurement and trade processes.
Familiar with automotive accessories, hardware tools, small appliances, pet and gardening supplies groceries, to maintain good relations with suppliers.
Alibaba, Global Sources, e-commerce network operating experience.
Proficient use of the Imagination, Own Personalized Wedding Card Sigma and other foreign software, familiar with the ETS system operating procedures1 year and a half good exports and new customer development experience, familiar with entire foreign trade operational processes, the ability to independently develop the market.(2) have strong communication, organization and coordination, execution and teamwork
3 ability to learn and adaptable, http://www.alldeaf.commotivated to learn, like to accept challenging work
4 compression capability, able to achieve the stated objectives extreme pressure environment
5 on active work, responsibility, goal-oriented tasks to a job well done
6 good thinking, good at summing up and innovative, have strong logical thinking ability and adaptability7 practical in careful, patient, and co-workers get along
8 there is a certain sense of recognition and belonging, is willing to grow with the company's common struggle

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